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Archive for August, 2008

OK, let’s face it men cellulite is an issue, and every day more and more men are realizing that men cellulite is one of that things that simply happen. Can we fight men cellulite ? Well, yes, in the same women fight it, with creams… but deep inside it is not easy. That’s why liposuction [...]

men before and after liposuction

Today I want to talk and show a few examples of men before and after liposuction and let me tell you ahead, the difference depends. Why it depends? Well, because you can’t really measure the success of liposuction until you speak to the patient . Many guys have liposuction and it is just a small [...]

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Men abdominal liposuction

In a 75% of chances when men go for a liposuction, we are talking about men abdominal liposuction. The abdominal liposuction for men is one of the easiest liposuction procedures and it is one of the most affordable compared to other more difficult procedures like men shin liposuction .Male liposuction usually may be a normal [...]

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It is strange that for so many years the topic of liposuction for men has been like a taboo topic, when people simply don’t talk about it and it is expected that men, simply don’t go for liposuction. Now the funny thing is that with the advances of medical science, having a liposuction is [...]

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