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Wellness Program Ideas – Fighting Addictions.

Wellness Program Ideas – Fighting Addictions.

Smoking Cessation

Use of tobacco cessation assistance is a worthwhile wellness activity. Use of tobacco is often a challenging habit to overcome. Corporate wellness activities to support “smoke-free” living include –

• Use American Lung Association resource. These include the Freedom From Use of tobacco group and/or video-tutorial. There’s also a follow-up video “A Lifetime of Freedom From Use of tobacco”.

• Reward individuals who have successfully quit tobacco use for six months with an appropriate “kicked the habit” certificate and some kind of incentive gift.

• Offer “cold turkey” sandwiches to smokers who pledge to quit during the Great American Smokeout.

• Begin a “quitting or thinking about it” support group to assist and encourage person trying to stop tobacco use.

Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Addictions

If a substance abuse policy is not in place in your workplace, advocate that one be developed. Request a knowledgeable Wellness Committee member be included in the policy development process.

When such a policy is already in place make sure Wellness Committee members are aware of the policy and have a thorough understanding of it. From time to time, remind workers of wellness resources and programs available.

• Invite AA, NA, AI-Anon, and other groups to meet in a company building and/or publicize community meetings.

• Serve non-alcoholic drinks whenever alcohol is served, and be sure food is always served along with alcoholic beverages.

• Provide easily accessible information about counseling, referral, and treatment programs available in the community. Put this information in an area where it can be viewed without embarrassment.

• When conducting wellness programs include information about responsible alcohol use on stress/weight management, nutrition, physical fitness, tobacco use, and accident prevention.

• Issues like co-dependence and the difficulty of assisting a substance abuser can also be addressed. Offer this information as part of the wellness program by providing informational materials, brown bag sessions, EAP information, etc.

• the Staff Member Assistance Program provider is an great resource for substance abuse wellness programming and or employee assistance.

• Other addictions, such as problem gambling, food addiction, shopping, Internet addiction, etc., may be problematic and can reach the point of affecting a person’s life and work. Offer information, video review, or employee assistance sessions addressing these topics.

• A Wellness Committee member may gain personal information regarding an staff member problem. Remember to keep all staff member information totally confidential.


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